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Last update of this web site: July 31, 2015

Zone Ten Nursery is open only on Sundays from 1 to 5 PM.


Please contact us for plant pricing and availability information at for an Excel file or look at the bottom of this page for the current list.

Zone Ten Nursery is five acres of garden, plant nursery and tropical fruit trees in South Florida. It originated in the early 80's with our collection of rare and interesting plants gathered from tropical and subtropical areas around the world. We opened for business on February 1, 1993. A fair number of these plants are available for sale to the public on Sunday afternoons. Our nursery was registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture in 1992 in order to make available to interested plant collectors a variety of exotic, hard to find and unusual tropical plants. We are a small, specialty nursery, not a garden center. Our current price and availability list is at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, we do not ship.

Our environment is more that of a botanical garden than of a conventional retail nursery and we are constantly adding new species to our landscape and to our nursery offerings. Everything is clearly labeled and priced, so you can browse through the container plants at your leisure as well as view many of these plants established in our gardens. We are currently propagating almost 100 species and varieties of plants - everything from Florida natives to flowering gingers and heliconias to rainforest trees. These plants are available to the general public at our nursery at very reasonable prices. We are an old-fashioned nursery; some would call it a "niche" nursery, because we try to grow unusual plants not found in most other garden centers. We do not propagate large quantities of individual species, so don't come here looking for hedge material, for example. We hope you enjoy our web site. We have included a number of educational  pages here along with the listings, descriptions and photographs of many of our tropical plants.

The Zone Ten web site is quite large, so please see our Navigation Page to access numerous other pages relating to specific types of plants with color photos and many other topics of interest. Shown and described are plants that we have from time to time. Species can come into and out of stock rapidly, so look at the list at the bottom of this page to find out what is in current inventory.

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If you are in the South Florida area, come by and see us. The Map Page tells you how to get here and lists the current business hours. Zone Ten is a retail nursery and sells to the general public. We are visited by plant lovers from all over the world. If you print out the map page, you should have no trouble finding  us. If you don't...well, best of luck to you.


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The * indicates color photo galleries. These pages show plants we frequently carry but we may not have all of them all of the time. Our Excel plant list is the most reliable listing of plants available at any given time. See the About Our Nursery page to find out more about our propagation areas, botanical gardens and tropical fruit groves in South Florida, where gardening is a year-round activity.

We are Nursery Professionals certified by the Florida Nurserymen & Growers Association.

Zone Ten Nursery accepts personal checks and, of course, cash. We no longer accept credt/debit cards.. Please note that our nursery is not affiliated with any other website, nursery or landscaper. Several other businesses have usurped our name, but because "zone ten" is a term in common usage by the Department of Agriculture. it cannot be trademarked. We have been in business under this name since 1993.

The Zone Ten web site was designed and written by Tom and Linda White.

Price and availability updated for August, 2015

Acacia sphaerocephala Bull Horn Acacia   Leguminosae 20 Sp,S 10-11 Y     38   Mexico
Acalypha hispida Chenille, Cat's tail   Euphorbiaceae 12 Y-R 10-11 R     14   Malaysia
Adansonia digitata Baobab   Bombacaceae 50 Sp,S 10-11 W     55   Africa
Aglaia odorata Chinese Perfume Bush F Meliaceae 15 Y-R 10-11 Y            14     China
Allamanda cathartica Allamanda 'Cherry Jubilee'   Apocynaceae V Sp,S,F 10-11 R            12     Brazil
Aloysia virgata Sweet Almond Verbena F Verbenaceae 6 Y-R 8-11 W            15     Argentina
Alpinia galanga Galanga; Galangale   Zingiberaceae 6 Sp,S 7-10 W            18 25   S.E. Asia
Alpinia sanderae syn.A. vittata; Marble Ginger S Zingiberaceae 5 Sp,S 10-11 P            20     New Guinea
Alpinia zerumbet Shell ginger (variegated) S,CF Zingiberaceae 9 Sp,S 10-11 WO            14     Southeast Asia
Alpinia zerumbet Shell ginger  S,CF Zingiberaceae 8 Y-R 10-11 W            20 27   Southeast Asia
Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Voodoo Lily   Araceae 7 Sp 10-11 dor,R, B    Priced as marked      Southeast Asia
Artocarpus heterophyllus Bognor Big Seedstain   Moraceae 45 W 10-11              20     Malaysia
Artocarpus heterophyllus Black Gold X Gold Nugget Seedstrain   Moraceae 45 W 10-11 G            18     Southern India, Malaysia
Barleria micans Yellow Barleria   Acanthaceae 6 Y-R 10-11 Y            12     Mexico
Beaumontia grandiflora Herald's Trumpet   Apocynaceae V W, Sp. 10-11 W            25     Himalayas
Belamcanda chinensis Leopard or Blackberry Lily S Liliaceae 3 Sp,S,F 5-10 O              8     China and Japan
Begonia nitida odorata (B. minor) White flowered fragrant S,F Begoniaceae 5 Y-R 10-11 W    out of stock      Caribbean
Begonia sp. Large leaf, white flower  S Begoniaceae 5 S, F 10-11 W/P            20     South America
Bombax ceiba Red Silk Cotton Tree   Bombacaceae 60 F, W 10-11 R,D            15 35   SE Asia, Australia, East Indies
Brachychiton acerifolius Illawara Flame Tree   Stercuiaceae 40 Sp, S R, D R     75 150 Eastern Australia
Cananga odorata Ylang Ylang F Annonaceae 35 Y-R 10-11 G-Y            15     Burma, Malaysia, Philip.
Cestrum nocturnum Night Blooming Jasmine F Solanaceae 10 Y-R 10-11 W            14     Caribbean
Chorisia x hybridum Kapok x Pink Silk Floss (?)   Bombacaceae 45 F 10-11 P            28 45   Brazil, Argentina
Colocasia esculenta Taro; Dasheen, S Araceae 4   10-11 W            12     India; S.E. Asia
Combretum constrictum Thai Powerpuff   Combretaceae 6 Y-R 10-11 R            25     West Africa
Congea tomentosa Shower of Orchids   Symphoremataceae 7 Sp,S 10 P     25   Burma
Cornutia grandiflora Jamaican Lilac F,B Verbenaceae 8 Y-R 10-11 2, P            10     Caribbean
Costus curvibracteatus Orange tulip ginger   Costaceae 4 Sp,S 10-11 O            18     Costa Rica, Panama
Costus erythrophyllus Oxblood ginger   Costaceae 4 Sp, S 10-11 P            25     Columbia, Ecuador, Peru
Costus 'Green Mountain'     Costaceae 3 S 10-11 O            18      
Costus speciosus  Crepe Ginger S Costaceae 4 S 8-11 P,W            15 25   Tropical Asia
Costus spiralis Spiral flag B,S Costaceae 6 Y-R 10-11 O            16     South America
Costus woodsonii Red button ginger   Costaceae 4 Sp-F 10-11 R    August       
Crescentia cujete Calabash Tree   Bignoniaceae 30 Y-R 10-11 Y     35   Tropical America
Cuphea ignea Candycorn; cigar plant   Lythraceae 2 Sp,S 10-11 OY              8     Mexico and Jamaica
Cymbopogon citratus Lemon Grass F Gramineae 4   10-11 2            14     Ceylon, Southern India
Dombeya X 'Seminole'     Byttneriaceaea 8 Y-R 10-11 P            18     N/A (hybrid)
Eucharis X grandiflora Amazon Lily F,S Amaryllidaceae 3 S 10-11 W            18     Columbia
Gardenia taitensis Tahitian Gardenia S,F Rubiaceae 5 F,W,Sp 10-12 W            18     Melanesia, W Polynesia
Hedychium coronarium Butterfly ginger, Mariposa F,S Zingiberaceae 6 Sp 10-11 W            15     India
Hedychium flavum Yellow Butterfly F,S Zingiberaceae 6 Sp 9-11 Y 8          15     Himalayas
Hedychium sp. Orange Butterfly F,S Zingiberaceae 6 Sp 9-11              15      
Heliconia X hybridum  'Dimitri Sucre'          CF Heliconiaceae 6 Sp,S, F 10-11 R     out of stock    
Heliconia latispatha  cv. Orange Sherbet CF Heliconiaceae 6 Sp, S, F 10-11 O     out of stock   Mexico
Heliconia rostrata Lobster Claw CF Heliconiaceae 8 Sp, S 10-11 R/Y     35   Argentina, Brazil
Heliconia x 'Rauliniana' H. marginata x bihai CF Heliconiaceae 10 Sp, S, F 10-11 RY     out of stock   Brazil, Venezuela
Heliconia subulata   CF Heliconiaceae 7 Sp, S, F 10-11 R/Y/G     June    
Hoya pubicalyx Hoya S Asclepiadaceae 6 Sp,S 10-11 P            15     Australia, India, China
Jasminum nitidum Angel wing jasmine F Oleaceae V Y-R 10-11 W            12     Admiralty Islands
Jatropha multifida Coral Tree B Euphorbiaceae 15 Sp, S, F 10-11 R,D            15     Tropical America
Lonicera X Americana Honeysuckle F Caprifoliaceae V Sp,S,F 5-11 W/P, Y            14     Europe
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys Brazilian Red-Cloak   Acanthaceae 8 F,W,Sp 10-11 V-R            14     southern Venezuela
Monstera deliciosa Ceriman, Swiss Cheese Plant S Araceae V S 10-11 W 3 ft. prepared cutting $ 20.00       Mexico, Central America
Newbouldia laevis African Border Tree   Bignoniaceae 25 Sp, S 10-11 P     28   Tropical West Africa
Nolina recurvata Ponytail palm   Agavaceae 20   9b-11 W     36 60 Mexico
Odontonema callistachyum Purple Firespike H,B,S Acanthaceae 6 Y-R 10-11 V            15     Central America
Odontonema stricta Red Firespike H,B,S Acanthaceae 6 Y-R 10-11 R            15     Central America
Oroxylum indicum Midnight Horror bats Bignoniaceae 40 S 10-12 P, D            36 65   India, Malaysia
Pachira aquatica Malabar chestnut, Guiana chestnut   Bombacaceae 30 Y-R 10-11 P     45   Tropical America
Parkinsonia aculeata Jerusalem Thorn   Leguminosae 25 Sp, S 9-11 Y, SD     28   Central America
Parmentiera cereifera Candle Tree   Bignoniaceae 30 Sp,S 10-11 W     55   Panama
Pedilanthus tithymaloides Devil's Backbone B Euphorbiaceae 4 S 10-11 R     15   Caribbean
Peperomia obtusifolia variegata Peperomia, Baby Rubber Tree, variegated S Piperaceae 2 S 10-11                8     Tropical America
Petrea volubilis Queen's wreath   Verbenaceae V Sp, S, F 10 Lav     22   Mexico to Panama
Pilea grandiflora Coral Pilea; Copper Pilea S,P Urticaceae 1 Y-R 10-11                8      
Plumeria pudica White Nosegay; Amapola; Floron F Apocynaceae 15 Sp.S 10-11 W            12     Colombia to Venezula
Plumeria rubra  'Candy Stripe' Frangipani F Apocynaceae 20 Sp. S 10-11 DYRW            18 34   Mexico, Caribbean
Plumeria rubra Yellow or Pink varieties F Apocynaceae 20 Sp, S 10-11 4,Y            18 34   Mexico, Caribbean
Pseudobombax ellipticum Pink Shaving Brush Tree   Bombacaceae 25 Sp 10-11       32   ?
Ruellia colorata Red Shrimp S Acanthaceae 4 Sp,S 10-11 R            15     Brazil, Amazon
Simarouba glauca Paradise Tree (Native)   Simaroubaceae 40 Sp,S 10-11 Y            18 28   S. Florida, Caribbean
Spathodea campanulata African Tulip Tree   Bignoniaceae 40 Y-R 10-11 O-R            22     Tropical Africa
Stephanotis floribunda Madagascar Jasmine F,H Asclepiadaceae V Sp,S,F 10-11 W    out of stock      Madagascar
Tabebuia chrysotricha Golden Tabebuia   Bignoniaceae 30 Sp 9-11 Y            25     Central America
Tapeinochilos ananassae Pineapple ginger; Indonesian Wax ginger S Costaceae 6 Sp,S 10-11 R,Y            30     Indonesia to no. Australia
Tecoma stans 'Mayan Gold' Mayan Gold cultivar, drawf   Bignoniaceae 6 Sp,S,F 10-11 Y            15     West indies
Tecomanthe venusta syn. T. dendrophila;New Guinea Creeper   Bignoniaceae V Sp,S 10-11 P/Pur     25   New Guinea
Thunbergia erecta King's mantle, blue S Acanthaceae 4 F,W,Sp 10-11 B            15     Tropical Africa
Trimezia martinicensis Yellow Walking Iris (Aquatic) S Iridaceae 4 Y-R 10-11 Y              8     Tropical America
Trevesia palmata Snowflake Tree; Snowflake Aralia S Araliaceae 15 Sp 9-11   50        125     China
Xanthosoma sp. Giant Elephant ear S Araceae 6   10-11 W            12     Tropical America
Zamia maritima Cardboard Palm   Zamiaceae 3 S 9-11              10 20   Mexico
Zingiber zerumbet Shampoo Ginger F,CF,S Zingiberaceae 4 S 8-11 dor,G-R, Y            18 22   India & Malay Peninsula



Column 3 [MH'] is typical maximum height in feet (where known) under South Florida growth conditions.

Key for "Blooms" column: Y-R = Year-Round; Sp = Spring; S = Summer;  F = Fall; W = Winter. All for South Florida, zones 10 & 11.

KEY1: Requires some shade: S    Fragrant: F   attracts hummingbirds: H   Attracts butterflies: B    Good for cut flowers or foliage: CF

NOTE:Year-Round" generally means that the plant will bloom on and off in (usually somewhat unpredictable) cycles throughout the year and not that the plant will have flowers every day of the year.

Column 5 [ZONES] is USDA Plant Hardiness Zones in which plant may be grown as reported in the literature. 

Be advised that there is much disagreement between authors on these ratings. Ratings of 10 or below may indicate root hardiness only in the colder zones.

Please Note: Plants listed as zone 10 or higher will require overhead irrigation during periods of freezing temperatures.Column 6 {KEY 2]: 2 = Fragrant foliage; 4 = Salt tolerant; 5 = Spice plant; 6 = Drought tolerant

D = deciduous; SD = Semi-deciduous; dor = Winter Dormant

NOTE: "Semi-deciduous" means that the duration and timing of leaf loss is problematic, usually depending upon weather conditions.

Flower or bract color: W = white or cream; R = red; P = pink; Y = yellow; B = blue; V = violet or purple; O = orange; G = green;

no listing = flowers are rare, insignificant or non-existant.