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Last update of this web site: August 17, 2015


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Zone Ten is five acres of garden and tropical fruit trees in South Florida. It originated in the early 80's with our collection of rare and interesting plants gathered from tropical and subtropical areas around the world.

Our environment is more that of a botanical garden and we are constantly adding new species to our landscape. You can browse through the container plants at your leisure as well as view many of these plants established in our gardens. We are currently propagating almost 100 species and varieties of plants - everything from Florida natives to flowering gingers and heliconias to rainforest trees. We do not propagate large quantities of individual species. We hope you enjoy our web site. We have included a number of educational  pages here along with the listings, descriptions and photographs of many of our tropical plants.

The Zone Ten web site is quite large, so please see our Navigation Page to access numerous other pages relating to specific types of plants with color photos and many other topics of interest. Shown and described are plants that we have from time to time.

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If you are in the South Florida area, come by and see us. The Map Page tells you how to get here and lists the current business hours. We are visited by plant lovers from all over the world. If you print out the map page, you should have no trouble finding  us. If you don't...well, best of luck to you.


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